SameTimeNextYearTony and Oscar nominated story “Same Time, Next Year” begins on Meaford Hall Stage August 7th.

After a great start to summer theatre with Alice’s Restaurant ...

Snow white theatre campA keen group of talented local youth are not sitting on the couch playing video games or glued to a screen, but rather spending two weeks preparing to stage a twisted musical take on ...

sweetwaterflashDeparting SweetWater Founding Artistic Director Promises Extra-Special Festival in 2019 The 16th SweetWater Music Festival (September 20-22) is all about “Evolution”. This theme is fitting as founding Artistic Director Mark Fewer oversees his final  ...

summerfolk44With only one month left until Summerfolk Music & Crafts Festival at Kelso Beach Park, here's some exciting news and updates for you!

The Amphitheatre schedule is now ...




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