Stephen Leacock Boathouse from Brewery Bay- by Paul Conway

When celebrities notice us we feel a warm glow, and their celebrity is enriched in our eyes. And why not. There's no harm in enjoying the notice of important people, as long as it doesn't give us a swelled head. The celebrity who notices us without putting us at such a risk, but also without...

dancingThe Fiddlefern Country Dancers are hosting their regular monthly dance on Saturday, April 1st, 2017. Everyone who loves to dance is welcome, including beginners. No partner required. Bring your...

tuneup-logo-mediumOn Sunday April 2nd, Summerfolk will present the third workshop in the monthly Music Biz Tune Up series helping Grey Bruce musicians develop the business skills they need to start and sustain musical careers. Canadian Folk Music Award nominee Andrea Ramolo – also of folk duo Scarlett Jane – will lead the session to share her expertise and experience booking gigs as both an independent and professionally managed artist.

niagarafrozenWaterlution, in partnership with Greatness - The Great Lakes Project, is looking for an artist in Owen Sound to help local residents connect and engage with the Great Lakes.

Project Lead Christopher McLeod says "Great Art for Great Lakes wants to celebrate the grandeur and importance of the largest group of freshwater lakes on Earth. We will fund a local artist to collaboratively create works of art with local residents that honour...




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