road close nov 22

There has been a change in the installation schedule of the Noma Lights.

City Parks & Open Space staff will now be working to install the lights on Monday, November...

10th st excavationDue to excavation conditions on 10th Street West during valve Installation, Harold Sutherland Construction Limited will be closing both eastbound lanes in the 200 block on 10th Street...

OS logo fullThe City of Owen Sound will be holding a Ceremony for the Declaration of Office and Inaugural Council Meeting on Monday, December 3, 2018.

This historical event will be taking place at...

road sign 63983 640- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

At this evening's Council meeting, Councillor Scott Greig asked why  the following motion was tabled (not allowing it to be voted on) at the September DIA meeting:

Motion: Moved by Jacquie Furtner and seconded by Francesca Dobbyn that the OSDIA look at other options to this proposal...




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