- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

You have 16 (sixteen) days - until July 27 - to get yourself on the ballot if you intend to run for office in this October's municipal election.

As of now, there are seven people running for seven council seats, including  four who are completing their first term (Travis Dodd, Marion Koepke, Scott Greig, and Richard Thomas) and three newcomers (Jacqueline Furtner, Brock Hamley and Carol Merton).
If theirs remain the only hats in the proverbial ring, these folks would be acclaimed by the City Clerk on Monday, July 30.

So far there is only one registered candidate for Deputy Mayor, the position that is currently held by Arlene Wright. If noone else appears to compete for the job, first-time Councillor Brian O'Leary will be acclaimed. Without having to speak to his record or present a word of a platform, he will be given the position along with a seat on Grey County Council.

Mayor Ian Boddy has one opponent thus far, homeless activist Raymond Botten, so we have those debates to look forward to.

School board trustee nominations are also open, and so far look like this:
Bluewater District School Board - Jennifer Miller
Bruce-Grey Catholic District School Board -Norm Bethune
Conseil scolaire Viamonde - Guy Belcourt; Eric Lapointe
Conseil scolaire catholique Providence – no candidate yet

All candidates must be eligible to vote in Owen Sound - 18 years old, Canadian citizens, and own or rent property in the city (or be the spouse of an owner or renter).

Candidate information packages with all the necessary forms are available at the City Clerk's office on the main floor of the Professional Building.

All the rest of your questions can be answered here.

And be sure you can vote for your candidates of choice – check the voters' list!




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