Owen Sound Election 2018


legobuildingAs requested, the Owen Sound Hub is publishing the participating municipal candidates' answers to a series of questions posed by local residents.


Yesterday, we published Question 1 -

owensoundvotesIn order to vote in the upcoming Municipal Election, you need to be on the Voters' List. Visit the Election Website at www.owensoundvotes.ca or the Clerk's Office to check if you are on the...

owensoundaerialA group of Owen Sound residents sent a series of questions to those running for city council for 2018 to 2022.  To be clear, these people are not formally connected; they don't even all know each other.  They signed on, they said, because...


A grass roots group of Owen Sound twenty-somethings have received a grant from the Laidlaw Foundation to pose questions to all Owen Sound municipal candidates on behalf of local youth, film their responses, and post the amalgamated videos. The same group mobilized...

hubsignThe Owen Sound Hub invites all residents of Owen Sound to the Bleeding Carrot (the restaurant will not be open)  at 945 2nd Ave E on Sunday, September 16 from noon to 2 to meet their local candidates for this October's election.  All candidates....






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