Owen Sound Election 2018


Jennifer-Miller- by Jennifer Miller

The way I see it is that a Trustee is an elected official that serves two purposes: advocate on behalf of the community they represent; act as stewards of the resources of the school board. In other words, be the voice and keep folks honest. Seems easy enough but there are some inherent flaws. What if the interests of your constituents...

moneybag- Hub staff

Are you running for office in this October's city election, or do you want to help someone who is?

The rules for making and receiving campaign contributions have changed for 2018 - and here are the basics....

magnifying-glass-1020142 640- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

Voting in this year's municipal election will be on-line or by telephone. It is more important than ever to ensure that you are on the voters' list so you can receive your secret de-coder ring by mail in October.

Do not assume that you are on the list. Look it up

riel126-year-old Riel Warrilow has submitted her name to run for the 2018 Owen Sound City Council.

Riel was born in Owen Sound, grew up near Harrison Park, and worked on her family farm on the east edge of town.

Her work for the Canadian Coast Guard sent her all over the country, and now...

Carol MertonCarol Merton, a local health care professional, announces that she is running for Owen Sound City Council. She is committed to the community and is excited about what the future may hold for...






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