The Owen Sound Hub invites all residents of Owen Sound to the Bleeding Carrot (the restaurant will not be open)  at 945 2nd Ave E on Sunday, September 16 from noon to 2 to meet their local candidates for this October's election.  All candidates for mayor, deputy mayor, councillor and Bluewater District School Board trustee listed below have been invited to meet informally with the public.

There will be no formal agenda or program - this is your opportunity to see the candidates, ask them your questions or tell them your priorities.  We will have a place where you can write questions or concerns, and we'll make sure the candidates all receive a copy.

Candidates have also been invited to bring campaign literature and contact information.

Following the gathering, some of us will be taking a guided walk around downtown - parking lots, 2nd Avenue, the proposed Downtown River Precinct, and the 10th Street bridge.  You are welcome to join us.

Your candidates:

Mayor: Nancy-Lee Rosamond, Raymond Botten, Ian Boddy

Deputy Mayor: Paul Patille, Brian O'Leary

Councillors: Riel Warrilow,  Bill Twaddle, Richard Thomas, John Tamming, Denae Moores, Carol Merton, Gail McCartney, Peter Lemon, Marion Koepke, Steve Hencze, Brock Hamley, Scott Greig,Jacquie Furtner,Travis Dodd.

Bluewater District School Board Trustees: Jennifer Miller, Erin Foulds


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