- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

The resident group that posed questions to the municipal candidates is moving on to one of the major decisions of this term of council.

8. Owen Sound has eliminated development charges for larger housing and retail projects, money that is collected in other Ontario cities to cover the costs of road, water and sewage infrastructure. Is this a necessary development incentive, or should it be studied with a view to ending such a worthless giveaway?

Predictably, those who voted to eliminate these charges for the past four years feel that was the right decision. They also point out that the framers of the questions have made an error - strictly commercial properties are not included in the "holiday".  

Those who weren't at the table this term have a variety of responses.  I'll have to agree with one of our lawyer candidates that this question is particularly leading- while some may want further study, they are not necessarily pre-supposing that the practice is "a worthless giveway".


The candidates have answered question 8 here. 


All the questions and links to those answered so far are here.




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