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Someone seems to have objected to municipal campaign signs on school grounds, because although these and others were up at OSDSS Sunday afternoon, they were knocked to the ground by Monday morning and are now in the school office.

olearysignOther candidate signs placed across the road were untouched.

The Owen Sound by-law department says: "Political Posters would be permitted in front of private property with permission from that property owner. Unless we received a complaint from a property owner informing us permission was not granted we would not have sufficient evidence or justification to remove them and proceed with any further enforcement."

The Principal of OSDDSS has now made such a complaint on behalf of the board to the Owen Sound by-law department.

The Bluewater District School Board is sending a note to all schools district wide today, encouraging them to contact their municipal offices if there are any questions regarding election signage possibly being on board property.

From the Owen Sound sign by-law: "Political Posters shall only be permitted on a Street in front of any Property which is owned by the City, the County of Grey, the Province of Ontario or the Dominion of Canada or on a Street Allowance in front of private Property if permission is obtained from the Owner of the private Property.

Notwithstanding the above, political posters shall not be permitted on a road allowance abutting Greenwood Cemetery."

Elsewhere damage of campaign signs seems to have been a Saturday night pastime. These signs are someone's property, and their destruction or removal from any premises that is not your own is a criminal act.



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