Last week's tornado in Gatineau, last summer's forest fires in Parry Sound, last spring's flooding that took out the bridge in Chesley.  Severe weather events are getting more common, more damaging and more unpredicatable. The group of residents asked one last question - on climate change mitigation at the local level.

12. Many Ontario municipalities have studied their 'carbon footprint' and created a plan to address climate change at the local level, but Owen Sound has lagged behind. What measures would you propose to reduce CO2 emissions and to adapt to climate change impacts? Would you vote for a study to identify practical options?

The provincial government did not give us disaster relief money when our pipes froze. Because this is the new normal? Because our infrastructure had not been adequately maintained? As more municipalities make more demands on a government determined to cut its spending, what is our Plan B?


Read what our municipal candidates have to say about climate change action here.


Find all 12 questions and answers here.


photo: CBC screen shot





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