Nancy-Lee Rosamond filed her nomination papers in July to run for mayor in Owen Sound in October's election.

Soon after her partner Daniel was in an extremely serious life-altering accident and was hospitalized in Toronto where he has remained until this week. 

We received her answers to the residents' questionaire today along with this note, and we are pleased to publish the first one here and the rest at this link.

"It is the first day since Daniel's accident that I can actually say I had a good night's rest and can actually breathe. Daniel has finally been moved to the Grey Bruce Regional Health Center in Owen Sound.

I thank everyone for their patience and compassion."

1. Why are you running for mayor? What is your agenda?

I have been a resident of Owen Sound for 27 years, where I owned and operated a business downtown for nearly a decade. We moved here from Toronto after falling in love with the city and its clean air, clean water and beautiful landscape. It's where I raised my four children: Nichole, Adrian, Katie and Ellen Jankowski. Now independent adults, my kids have all left in search of jobs and financial opportunities. I asked each one whether they would move back to Owen Sound and their answers were all the same, "where would we work?"

I've put my hat in the ring, so to speak, now that I have the time and energy to take on this important role. Owen Sound has been good to me and to my children; it's time to give back.

I want to encourage better communication between the city and residents of Owen Sound. There seems to be a discord between city hall and the people. I would love to see online debates on community issues affecting residents and a suggestion page where we can come together with ideas to improve our city. Referendums on spending and the direction the city takes would make sure the people are heard.

My vision is for a healthy Owen Sound, but firstly an affordable Owen Sound for businesses and taxpayers — because if we can't afford our taxes, people will have no other option than to leave for another community that can offer both employment opportunities and affordable housing. We need to make Owen Sound the entrepreneurial capital of Ontario.

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