- Maryann Thomas

Here are the questions asked of all 21 of the Owen Sound candidates, including the Bluewater District School Board trustee candidates, in the upcoming municipal election prior to the All Candidates Come-and-Go we hosted at the Ginger Press  on Wednesday October 10. Questions were focused on arts, culture and community. We received answers from 11 candidates, and they are all posted individually on the Owen Sound Hub under City;  2018 City Election. We thank them for taking the time to share their opinions and invite you to consider their responses (or non responses) when voting.

  1. Please share any relevant employment or volunteer experience you have in the arts and culture sector.
  1. What concrete actions would you recommend/support for improving the atmosphere and aesthetic of the downtown Owen Sound community?
  1. What specific actions do you recommend for preventing another situation such as that with the Tom Thomson Gallery, where drastic cuts have had to be made?
  1. Where do you feel Owen Sound’s greatest opportunities lie for promoting our arts, community and cultural assets?
    1. In your own words, what is a City councillor or school board trustee’s role in protecting, promoting and growing healthy communities?

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