Bill Twaddle

My work experience includes 30 years as a journalist, writer and editor, and 16 years as a fundraiser for the Alzheimer Society of Grey-Bruce. My volunteer experience has been in the social service sector, including Big Brothers, and in supporting my children’s activities, primarily swimming and equestrian competition.

The future of the downtown lies is in creating an environment that draws more people downtown. The River Precinct project which has been in the works for at least eight years is one very positive step. Reinvigorating the Community Improvement Plan to encourage property owners to create more or improve the quality of residential space downtown would be a significant step towards this goal.

The Tom is a priceless asset for Owen Sound. It must be preserved. The Gallery has a long standing reputation for financial responsibility. A short-term failure cannot be ignored, and must be dealt with, but it should not inn the long-term detract from the cultural professionalism and growth that has been the hallmark for most of its history. The Gallery must continue to move forward, but with a new sense of fiscal responsibility and oversight.

The city has a long and respected history of creating and presenting cultural events. The most viable, successful and attractive of these events are those which are organized by private business, or by independent volunteer organizations. The city’s responsibility should be to support and encourage these events and perhaps to seed new events.

Owen Sound’s natural environment, especially the escarpment and the waterfront, go a long way to promoting a healthy, liveable community. Planning and development policies MUST incorporate preservation of and access to these natural assets by encouraging active transportation trail networks; safe bike lanes and walking routes; the development of venues that bring people to the waterfront, and an overall sense of community pride. City Council must look farther into the future and create policies and plans that will create opportunities for lifestyle growth on into the future.

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