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Rockwood terraceDear Editor

I am a resident of Grey County with a keen interest in finding a sustainable solution to funding of long-term care in the County.

I am a community physiotherapist with decades of experience visiting clients in their...


With all the continued discussion in education, it is still hard for me to believe what happened in Owen Sound last year and what continues to happen. The fact is the Bluewater District School Board gambled with the education of our children by putting forth, in their words, "an aggressive plan" to receive $51 million in financing for the town of Owen Sound, instead of a more sensible plan....

donaldsheepAn open letter to the Mayor and Council of Owen Sound.

When we bought our property, 52.5 acres in Owen Sound, we were welcomed by then Mayor Ruth Lovell and then City Planner Bill White. We were told that there would be no impediments to ...

CDCSThe following letter was sent by a local parent to her Member of Provincial Parliament, Bill Walker and to her local Bluewater District School Board elected Trustee, David Mason. The reply from Mr. Mason follows.

My name is Laurie Stanyer, I am a parent of 5 students at CDCS ( Chesley District Community School). I have been working hard with a lot of parents during this Accomodation Review (ARC) process. I am sending you this email as I have recently become very...




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