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coffecupHere’s my take on a carbon tax. Let’s suppose there are only two people involved. One pays $1000 in carbon tax and the other pays $200. Each person then gets a $600 tax rebate. One has to admit that this should help to reduce the carbon dioxide in our atmosphere that is...


The Fraser Institute is a propaganda machine for corporations.

It got its start with money from Big Tobacco to refute...


At the risk of being drummed out of the NDP, I tend to side with MP Larry Miller in his assessment of the USMCA (the US, Mexico, Canada Agreement), but without his outrage.

Looking back at the drama of the...

chicagobuilding- by Peter Reid

It’s been two years now since I acquired the Chicago Building in the 200 block of 10th Street East. In October 2016 the building was completely empty. The Artists' Co-op had moved to 2nd Avenue; and the apartments had been vacant for over a decade.
The store front was returned to the three separate units that are currently home to...


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