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rural landEditor,

As a young Canadian from Rural Ontario looking to enter the workforce soon, I welcome the creation of the Ministry of Rural Economic Development. For too long rural Canadians' issues weren't being listened to...

empty walletEditor

Every once in a while, the truth squeezes out and sits like a turd on the living room floor where everyone can see it. It happened when Republicans in the US let it slip that their efforts at ‘election reform’ were really aimed at...

artists1To the Editor:

My sister Rebecca Lahmann and I are the daughters of the artists who originally created the mural at Owen Sound District Secondary School in 1960, Karl and Lauretta Rix.

We were overjoyed to read about the restoration and addition to the mural in your September 25, 2018 edition. We well remember the time...

building blocksDear Editor:

This age of very aggressive Conservatism and Neo-Liberalism (capitalization on purpose), venturing into the undemocratic, provokes a contradiction, maybe even a surprise for Canadians. This type of Conservatism and Neo-Liberalism is...

handsA person does not choose to be born, much less where or to whom, in what era, with what inherent physical and mental capacity and so on. In the past this was accepted as the luck of the draw and drew little sympathy. More recently our...


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