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beerI'm voting ndp.

It may take some time to buy back hydro, but that cost is better than paying out of pocket.

No one is talking about the human cost of 6 billion dollars cut from healthcare, which will become an out of pocket price on top of electricity. I don't want to live in

electionsIf you're a frequent reader of the letters, you'll know how opposed I was to the school closure policy put forth by the Wynne government. Yet I find myself voting Liberal in this election. In fact I'm working to support the Francesca Dobbyn Campaign.

Although I wasn't happy with...

Grey-Bruce-Owen SoundDear Editor

MPPs have the unique opportunity to partake in the process of shaping laws that affect the province and the riding. At base, their role is to advocate for and on behalf of their communities, for the benefit of those communities. Their action,

ONDPTo the Editor,

This is a partisan message to residents of Grey Bruce Owen Sound:
A defining characteristic of a good representative, is that they will be dedicated to serving the people of their riding and putting their concerns front and centre in ...




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