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Trillium Coast ITS is a company that provided web services to the Tom Thomson Art Gallery for web throughout 2017. This is their response to this morning's article in OwenSoundHub.org.


This is not a consipracy[sic]. The website SSL certificate was outdated, it has been fixed. We are a real company. We had a real contract with the TOM. Our telephone number works and so does our email address. The "mailing" address online is just that, a mailing address - not our office address.

It is quite disheartening that with so much technology at our fingertips, we lose sight of the affect we can have on real trilliumcoastpeople that we know nothing about.

Anne, you mention trying to contact the company to no avail since Monday morning, yet we did not receive a phone call via the office number nor did we receive an email from you. The only correspondance [sic] I see is a message you sent at 8:45 this morning via facebook and a phone call that you placed from Ted Stewart Physio around the same time to the location where we receive our mail.

Although your consiparacy [sic] theory is quite entertaining, unfortunately, it has no feet to stand on. What has transpired with TOM is unfortunate. For all of us with an appreciation for people, art and community, the TOM is more than a mere gallery, it is a symbol of our culture as Candians [sic] and an outlet for artists present and past.

I was proud to be a part of the TOM, as a sponsor for many years and more recently a participant in the revitalization of its web and social media presence - in time for the not only Tom Thomson's 100th birthday but the 50th aniversary [sic] of the gallery.

I do hope that you retract this post since it is obvious that its only purpose is to stir the pot. Please remember, when you make unsubstantiaed [sic] claims or accuse others of wrong doing with no real knowledge of the situation, you are hurting real people with families who are just like your readers - trying to do their best daily and leave a positive mark on the world.

Anne, think twice next time. Pick up the phone and collect all of the information before posting something of this nature.

To all of those who freqeunt [sic] this blog. Take time to reflect on Anne's content and understand that there is always more to a story. Anne's creative interpretation of events is just that.


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