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Dear Editor,

4 days after the 2018 Florida shooting, our Federal Member of Parliament took to Twitter to share a far-right pro-gun message.

In 2012, he added his voice to the long gun debate in the House of Commons, quoting a comment linking gun control to social re-engineering and comparing that to what Adolf Hitler did in the 1930's.

On a radio show in 2015, he told women who wanted to wear the niqab to "stay the hell where you came from."

In 2016, he shared a tweet making a comparison between distributing food to 46 million Americans and discouraging citizens from feeding animals in national parks for fear of animals becoming dependent on humans.

Full disclosure; I am a member of the Bruce Grey Owen Sound Federal Liberal Riding Association. Since I have been eligible to vote, I have marked the ballot for Liberal, NDP and Green candidates. This is not a partisan issue for me.

I want to believe that I live in a riding where the value system of voters is not reflected in the above-mentioned actions of our Federal Member.

I want voters to remember the actions of our Federal Member when they are deciding who to support in the next federal election.

I want to live in a riding where we care for the least fortunate within our communities, where we welcome new people who will enrich our communities and where we will make reasonable choices to keep our citizens safe.

Mary Anne Alton
Owen Sound



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