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environmentThe “Climate Emergency” – Is it really an emergency or merely a political move?

It may be that some might accuse me of being a “climate denier” and I will take that with a grain of salt as it seems everyone knows the “climate” changes. But isn’t it time to speak some real “truth to power”? This is about the rhetoric Canadians are being fed by the Federal government.

The Federal government is on the brink of passing a motion to implement a “climate emergency.” But what the Federal government is not telling Canadians is that if they do implement this purported “emergency” they also can implement a number of other things.

Then there are the purported experts saying Canada is warming twice as fast as the rest of the world. According to reports the UK, Sweden, Switzerland, etc., are as well. So, how can any 2 countries be warming faster than any other country? (Minister McKenna – climate, pollution, carbon “knows no borders,” or whatever the “word of the day” is). If all of these countries are warming faster than any others, at the same time, doesn't that say their information is in conflict with the others?

The concern for Canadians should be that our Federal government is looking to implement forms of martial law. That’s what happens with government uses “emergency powers.” It’s under the “Emergencies Act.” This should be frightening to all Canadians as there is doubt that it is truly needed. Not to mention that the Court of Appeals, in the Saskatchewan, has already ruled on this.

“4. The emergency power
[200] Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation, David Suzuki Foundation, and Intergenerational Climate Coalition submit the Act can be sustained under the “emergency” branch of the POGG power. …
[201] The intervenors contend that the national peril posed by climate change is an emergency … David Suzuki Foundation analogizes the Act to war-time powers, saying that neither wars nor climate change run on fixed timetables. …
[202] These arguments cannot prevail. … However, the factual record before the Court cannot sustain a view that the climate change challenge is in any way short run or that the Act is intended to have, or is expected to have, a life of limited duration. This is unlike wars as typically understood. …”

Are Canadians prepared for Martial Law? It would seem that there are more questions, than answers, regarding the information the Federal government is disseminating and creating this law under. Is this what Canadians elected, our government, to do? So, the question – Is this truly a “climate emergency” or is this merely a political move by a political party to get their own way? Remember SNC and Wernick stating that Trudeau will get it done “one way or another”?

Elizabeth F. Marshall
Grey County

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