keldakids- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

I was watching this little video of Kelda Mikalson dancing with her wee ones at Music Together and it struck me that she has been part of our community for more than ten years now.

Why do people come here? It is a familiar question in social media and coffee shop chatter...

between our steps 12 05 18 doubleRunning through my news feed on Facebook, I came across a post that a friend had shared. It said that the hospice was in need of knitted or quilted lap blankets. I immediately shared this in a message to a member of my church suggesting this might be a good ...

plantsOne more unique reason to come to the Handmade Holiday Market Saturday December 8 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Heartwood Hall.

This year Joanna from Heartwood Home is offering a plant “baby sitting" service...

Fight PatriarchyThe word patriarchy is coming up more and more frequently but many people don’t understand what it is, what it looks like, or how it works. Some people don’t think it exists at all.  Those people dismiss patriarchy as fictitious or claim that if it does exist it is a natural social order. Fortunately, generations of feminists, queer advocates, and social activists have worked hard to identify it’s structures and raise awareness of the damage it does to people. Patriarchy is real and it must be dismantled because of the many ways it hurts women, children, queer folk, as well as men and boys.




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