cookie walkThe 13th Annual Cookie Walk begins this year at 9am sharp Saturday Dec 9th at St. George's Church 1049 4th Ave. East, Owen Sound

It is believed that the origins of cookie walks began in Texas. A Cookie Walk began on Manitoulin Island in 1995. It is while visiting the Island that Betty Adair, the local Cookie Walk organizer, was first introduced to the idea. In 2004 she brought the idea to St Thomas' Church.

No one knew at the time how this little church based event would grow. Over the years the organizers have made changes such as allowing pre-orders and adding squares. Last year over 400 dozen cookies were sold. And people began to line up an hour before opening. Because of the high demand and the time needed to package them, this year all squares must be pre-ordered. The volunteers simply can't handle all the orders that day.

All the cookies are baked fresh and care is taken to ensure a wide variety of cookies are available. Everything from shortbread, ginger, oatmeal, peanut butter, chocolate, mint and more. Several of the volunteer bakers have family recipes they look forward to making every year.

It is difficult to describe what happens at a cookie walk. It is really better to come and experience it for yourself. Many people bring their own favourite cookie tins from home but boxes are supplied if you need them.

This year's Cookie Walk has a change in location and is being held at St. George's Church at 1049 4th Ave East in the Parish Hall.

To pre-order cookies or squares call 519-376-0913 or 519-376-1370.

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