floodingAs of Sunday, February 18th, water levels in rivers and streams throughout the SVCA Watershed jurisdiction are within normal range for this time of year. This condition will change, however, in the early part of the week. Above-normal temperatures and significant rainfall are forecast, which will result in elevated watercourse flows. Flooding in traditional low-lying areas should be expected beginning late Monday and extending into Tuesday and Wednesday.

Monday's high temperature is predicted to be 6 degrees, then reaching double-digits of approximately 13 degrees on Tuesday. Over those two days heavy rainfall of approximately 50 to 70 mm is predicted. In addition, night time temperatures will remain above freezing, which will further accelerate the snowmelt.

Over the SVCA Watershed the water content contained within the snowpack represents approximately 50 mm of water, and this moisture will be contributing to the runoff as the snow melts.

There are some locations where ice jams have been in place for over a month. These jams may likely be moving in response to the change in weather and flow conditions. Locally increased flooding could occur at these locations, due to obstructed flow. As these ice jams move downstream they may become lodged again, creating localized flooding at new locations.

Municipal public works staff are advised to monitor roads, bridges, and culverts where flooding in typical areas is likely to occur, but attention should be directed particularly to sites where ice jamming is possible.

The public is reminded to avoid rivers and streams as high flows pose a safety risk, and banks will be icy and slippery.

Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority will continue to monitor river flow and weather conditions. This message is in effect until Thursday, February 22, 2018, 11:00 am, unless a further message is issued.

source: media release, SVCA

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