petsOn September 29th, 2018 a Rabies Clinic will be held to assist the public in having their pets vaccinated against rabies. This public Rabies Clinic will provide rabies vaccines on this date ONLY. The hours of will be from 10 am until 2 pm. The Rabies Clinic will be held at 2125 18th Avenue, East, in the City of Owen Sound at the Owen Sound Animal Shelter (OSAS) with vaccines administered by local veterinarians. Rabies vaccines will cost $25.00 per animal. All transactions on this day will be cash only.

These vaccines are one year Rabies vaccines. It should be noted that these rabies vaccines will not include a physical exam or other important vaccines. We encourage each pet owner to have their pets attend their regular visits with their veterinarian. Only dogs and cats in good health will be given a rabies vaccine.

All animals in attendance are to be leashed, or caged, and owners will be required to poop and scoop. Dogs under restrictions of Bill 132 must be muzzled and leashed at all times.

source: media release, Owen Sound Animal Shelter

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