open-close-regTrending #4 on Twitter. Newspaper stories in national dailies. Clips on network television and conversations on both CBC and Talk Radio. Seven word quotes that fit easily in soundbites and headlines.

This week Owen Sound and Grey County have had free "ink and air" worth millions of dollars in the advertising world; attention that marketers only dream about.

Is there really "no such thing as bad publicity"?

You may have voted for Larry Miller as your MP. You may agree with his feelings about the Supreme Court decision that the Conservative government's ban on wearing face coverings in citizenship ceremonies violated Canada's Citizenship Act. But you have also paid taxes to create economic development and tourism strategies at both the city and county levels and offer incentives to prospective developers. Has this week's focus on our region leveraged this investment in a positive way?

fire-featureBy Jon Farmer
I moved back to Owen Sound in the depth of winter when the temperature was regularly dropping into the negative 20s and frozen pipes had left over a hundred houses without water. Despite the chilly reception, my home town quickly reminded me how warm it can be...

Larry-Miller-TwitterOn Monday March 16th, Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound member of parliament Larry Miller appeared on the CFOS Radio call-in show the "Open Line" with Bill Murdoch. During the show, a caller claimed that he "knew it was wrong" to cover one's face during citizenship ceremonies. Mr. Miller stated his position and then said "I think most Canadians feel the same."

At the Hub we are curious whether our readers agree. Do most Canadians feel this way? Who are "most Canadians" and how do we determine how they feel on this subject?  We invite you to submit your opinion in writing to both the Hub and Mr. Miller's office.

hub-logo-featDear Hub readers, advertisers and contributors:
We are delighted to announce that the Hub Owen Sound franchise has a new owner and Publisher. We welcome Anne Finlay-Stewart, formerly the Hub's Community Editor, to the Publisher/Editor's chair.

As some of you know, Paul Lachine and I developed, built, launched and have run www.owensoundhub.org in our spare time, as an experiment in local digital publishing, and to test a model for independent local news-gathering. Anne has been our principal local supporter in this regard.

We had intended from the start to find a local operator to take on this site full-time once it was up and running, as we seek to extend the model. Growing demands on our own time – we each also have full-time careers - prompted us to begin a serious search for a new publisher earlier this year.

We could not have hoped to find a better owner/operator for Hub Owen Sound than Anne, who has been involved with the project since its inception and has been our unique local voice at city council, during the recent provincial election, and in many other domains. Anne is determined, principled and talented, and has great plans for the site. We look forward to seeing Hub Owen Sound continue to grow and thrive, under her guidance.

On a personal note, we would like to thank all the folks, friends, family, contributors and advertisers without whose input, confidence and support we could not have gotten this far. Thank you all, very much. Stick with the Hub! Great things are ahead.


Michael Den Tandt, Founding Publisher

Paul Lachine, Founding Artistic Director

sexed-regBy Jonathan Farmer

A week before the government of Ontario released its reformed Health and Physical Education curriculum, my local member of parliament – Larry Miller– spoke out against it. In an interview with a local radio station he claimed that the government was sticking its nose into parents' business by discussing sex related topics with young people. He said that he supported sex-ed but opposed discussions of oral or anal sex (among other topics) at the ages proposed, although he didn't specify the ages. He claimed that children already lose their innocence too early because of sex and violence on television and that they shouldn't lose it in their classrooms too.

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