2019 Federal Election



Alex RuffDear Editor:

By now everyone knows that Monday October 21st is election day in Canada.

The Liberals were elected in 2015 ...

oil industryIn the dying days of the campaign, with the Liberals and Conservatives throwing out tax breaks left and right, the NDP remains focused on the two top issues of ...

red ballot box560Until you put your name up for public office, you can’t quite know just what this act of civic participation will demand of you, or how people will ...

orange ballot boxTo The Editor,

I have run as a candidate in a few elections. I have worked on a great many more. There is a camaraderie among most candidates in most elections that cuts through the partisanship. Why? Anyone who puts their life on hold to be a candidate for office knows what their fellows are giving up to participate in the democratic process.

There are some individuals who really stand out when they run. They are...


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