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1. Why are you running for City Council? What is your agenda for improving our city?


Ray Botten
I am running for Mayor mainly to raise the awareness and viable solution(s) to our homeless population in this region.


Ian Boddy
I grew up in Owen Sound, left for several years and chose to return to the community I love most. I was raised with the belief that I have a duty to give back to the community.

Council has positioned our community for appropriate growth by making the right connections and fostering the right relationships. We're working with local industry, small business and local entrepreneurs to leverage success, secure jobs, re-purpose space and support the new economy.
We have poured the foundation. Now we need to build on it.



Paul Patille
I'm running to perform a public service, a duty that I feel am obligated to do in order to give back to the community in which I reside. We must have "a current, progressive approach" to advance the socio-economy status of the city by working co-operatively with the citizens and businesses of this City.


Brian O'Leary
I grew up here, and I love Owen Sound. This city has immense potential. I want to help Owen Sound grow by creating a positive environment for growth.




John Tamming
I have two priorities - one involving substance, the other process.

First, improve the downtown core. Do we call our urban blight inevitable and watch as residents continue to move to the former townships and dart into our box stores once a week? Or is it possible to stem that blight by building on recent initiatives and doubling our efforts? I opt for door number two.

Second, get this town to talk and debate issues once again. This is not a right or left issue but I see it as essential to proper governance. I do not see policy debates at council and I do not see them reflected in the fifth estate. The only council "debate" which I can recall is whether to sell bottled water at city facilities. This aversion to open debate is odd; council is a governing entity but it is also our local parliament, where options should be presented and opinions should at times clash. This is simply not happening. This problem was identified years ago by Den Tandt while Sun Times editor; I have seen no improvement since – whether at committee levels, at council or in the pages of the local papers. Deputations to council are too often a snore-fest, with hardly any councillors showing a willingness to engage citizens with a contrary opinion. Debate does not equate with dysfunction. To debate it is to reveal various ways to reach the same goal of a prosperous city for all.


Marion Koepke
I am running for Council because I have a keen interest in my community. Having served as a municipal employee as Deputy Clerk and City Clerk for 26 years and a municipal Councillor for the past 4 years has allowed me to serve my community and be involved in the decision making and future shaping of our municipality. I feel the City is just approaching many growth opportunities and I am excited to be a part of the progress and do my best to advance future initiatives.


Gail McCartney
Sitting as a Councilor has been something I have been considering for years. I believe in Public Service and I love my City. I think I can help with the challenges facing us.


Travis Dodd
I'm running for re-election because I want to be a part of the decisions that will ultimately affect the lives of my future children. I want the next generation of citizens to have pride in their community and be given more opportunities in the City of Owen Sound then I did growing up here. I'm passionate about showcasing Owen Sound as a City that is full of potential, and that is inclusive to all of its residents and visitors. I believe in increased growth, both through commercial and residential developments and the continued need to find alternate ways of working with our neighbouring municipalities to improve the quality of life for the region as well as finding cost savings.


Brock Hamley
I'm running to create more opportunity for people. I'm fortunate after getting my education, and starting my career, I knew I wanted to build a life in a community that supports and encourages its people to succeed and thrive, and where my neighbours were friends and family. It's why I chose to come back here and set down my roots. 
nfortunately, though, many young people who have grown up here don't get the opportunity to make that choice. It's an unfortunate reality that is putting more and more distance between parents and their children or grandparents and grandchildren. We can, and need to do something about it.
his election is about what kind of Owen Sound you want in the next 10 years. One with opportunities, where people have a choice to succeed right here at home; or where more families have to live apart.


Steven Hencze
My business puts me in contact with developers / invertors / people with vision .. i've served on over 10 boards .. I have the experience.


Richard Thomas
I'm running for council because I believe in this community. My agenda is simple: increased growth, decreased costs through responsible spending.


Bill Twaddle
Owen Sound is my community of choice. I first came here in 1967. I moved to Windsor in1969 but chose to return in 1972 when my first child was born. I want this to continue to be the community of choice for others who come here to raise their families, to build a future, or to live out their retirement years.

I believe in this community and I want to continue creating opportunities for growth and sustainability

I know you believe in it too. That's why your vote is so important in this election.

For almost 25 years I have helped make the important decisions that protect and enhance this community – as a public member of city advisory committees, as a member of the police Service Board, as a member and current chair of the local Drinking Water Source Protection committee, and, for 17 years, as a member of city council.

I know that council has to be forward thinking, has to realize that decisions need to be made today for developments that might take years to come to fruition. A lot of things are happening now and in the next few years for which the planning started several years ago:

• New housing developments planned near then hospital are possible because the Master Servicing Plan was started more than six years ago;

• New industry on the former PPG property is possible because Official Plan and Zoning changes were put in motion more than five years ago.

• The River Precinct Project that is moving forward was first proposed more than eight years ago and planning began seven years ago.

• Two major downtown condominium projects are the result of Official Plan changes that occurred many years ago.

The next council must have the same foresight, the ability to see a future and begin to create the resources that will make that future happen.


Riel Warrilow
I am running for Owen Sound City Council because I am a service-oriented person, and I have recently moved into a position where my schedule is predictable enough to be able to commit the time required to do the job justice. My goal for improving the city is to be an accessible and cooperative member of council, I don't think that I have all the answers for this city, but I do bring a progressive and thoughtful view to the table.


Jacquie Furtner

This community and the people in it have shaped who I am and have given me so much, I would like the opportunity to give back.

I can see the positive changes that are already happening in Owen Sound, including the river precinct revitalization that has just been approved, and I would like to keep the momentum going. I opened barebirch in 2012, a successful business that I now run alongside my husband Simon. Along with my experience in the local business community, I've spent time learning about how to positively impact small communities. I've been actively working on sustainable initiatives that pertain to community development, people centric infrastructure and working together in order for us to ensure a vibrant, healthy and safe place for all of us. City Council is a great avenue for me to help accomplish this. I created my business with the philosophy that our environment can impact who we are, our mood and our productivity. This does not only go for our homes, but also our communities. Our built environment impacts our ability to be active and connect with our community. This needs to be considered whenever new projects are undertaken. I hope to be able to contribute to the promising new initiatives coming to Owen Sound and bring some new ideas as well.


Denae Moores
This is an important question, because in many ways how candidates answer can tell you more about their style of leadership than their positions on issues. First, I wouldn't be running for city council if I were satisfied with the function of the City over the the years. I am running precisely because I think I can improve upon decision processes and outcomes on priority issues.

This city is important to me. I was born and raised in Owen Sound and it is where all my family still resides. I'm a Registered Nurse, business owner, homeowner and a Rotarian. I have interests in our community that are personal, professional, and community focused.

I am running to represent that same community as a city councillor because of those very interests, each of which will be affected by some significant changes in the years ahead. I have experience with organizations where we tackle problems, I've seen firsthand the needs of our senior residents and recognize the value they bring to the city. I want to be part of a thoughtful council, but also one that has real oversight, accountability but as importantly, is action oriented.




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