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2. What skills and experience do you offer that will make you a successful, city-builder and consensus builder?




 Ian Boddy
I am passionate about the potential of our community. I am analytical in my approach to issues and strategic about our direction. As Mayor, I have worked together with council to reach a consensus on many issues. We have improved our communications by presenting reports and committee minutes at Council meetings and made it easier to understand our decisions. I want to lead the next council to complete the good work for our community that we have started.


Ray Botten
I have served for over 17 years in an outreach ministry that directly deals with relevant social issues in our city. I have extensive working experience as a leader working with developing countries in West Africa. My understanding from a grass roots level and coordinating with other agencies that serve the public with our friends in need around the world, has given me the confidence and structure that is needed for this city. Building relationships in each area of development is the key to our success.




Brian O'Leary
I am a small business owner but have many years experience as a coach. I understand the importance of team, and I understand that nothing gets accomplished by acting alone. At the most recent AMO conference, there was a presentation on just that! Successful councils must have the ability to work as a team. This current council works together as a team. We often disagree, but work towards a common goal. Each of us has different strengths, but trust and respect within our council is an important strength in moving the city forward. I bring that commitment to team.


Paul Patille
What do I bring to the table with my experiences? Team Building. From the time I can remember, I have always participated in such team sports as soccer, (while in its infancy in Canada), football and hockey. This has allowed me to experience the meaning of team building throughout my adult life. The skills acquired have assisted me in my future endeavours as a designer and project management leader enabling me to organize major projects across Canada.




Marion Koepke

My career as a municipal Deputy Clerk and City Clerk until 2010 provide a solid legislative background in municipal government. I am very involved in my community as a volunteer and try my best to think of the taxpayer when making decisions around the Council table presently. I always like to "keep it real" and think of what is affordable and what will advance our municipality to encourage new economic growth, keeping in mind our infrastructure needs.


Gail McCartney
I am an award winning Realtor that has been working in the Owen Sound market for 23 years. am the current President of the Realtors Association of Grey Bruce Owen Sound and the past President of the Owen Sound and District Real Estate Board.

Realtors get people to come to consensus as part of their job every day

While President of the Owen Sound Board I Co-chaired the effort to amalgamate two Boards successfully after a previous attempt failed.

As current President my committee and I have garnered a successful yes vote to convert to electronic lock boxes for listings after two previous votes failed.

Current panel member of the Discipline Committee of the Real Estate Council of Ontario
 Current Political Action Committee Chair for the Real Estate Board
 Past President of the MS Society of Grey Bruce 
I have a long history of volunteering with various charities such as Hospice and Heart and Stroke


Travis Dodd
I have been actively involved with volunteer groups since I was a teenager. I volunteered through a program with the Canadian International Development Agency at the age of eighteen where I travelled Canada, United States of America and Venezuela speaking with children in elementary and high schools about social and moral issues; racism, drug abuse, domestic violence and equality. After attending university, I sat on the Economic Development and Tourism Advisory Committee for the City of Owen Sound. This taught me the importance of being a good listener. As a Councillor elected in 2014, I learned to work cooperatively with staff, residents and fellow councillors in order to effectively move initiatives forward.

Currently, I am an active member of the Kiwanis Club of Owen Sound, a proud In-School Student Mentor through Big Brothers and Big Sister of Owen Sound, and one of the co- organizers of the Young Professionals Network that is hosted through Grey County. Whether working with children or through my work as a member of Council, I have learned how important it is to listen to people with differing opinions to completely understand the situation. It has also showed me the importance of having a good working relationship with others to ensure that initiatives are always moving forward. Good working relationships are required to build partnerships with neighbouring municipalities, potential investors, current business owners as well as residents and visitors.


Brock Hamley
My professional experience has included serving as Executive Assistant to the Conservative Party of Canada's Deputy Leader Lisa Raitt, and I currently work for a small tech firm that specializes in public consultation at the municipal, provincial and federal levels. I also serve on the board of Owen Sound Minor Lacrosse and the Senior B North Stars. My background has given me deep respect for the importance of serving others and giving back to your community. It's also given me the opportunity to see first hand the great things that can happen when people feel like they have a voice and are engaged in their community. If I am lucky enough to earn the people's trust and serve on City Council these principles are definitely going to be central.


 Steven Hencze
My energy and determination has build my business i'm very well known here ... that's amazing for being here 9 years.


Richard Thomas
I have been a member of the Owen Sound and North Grey Union Public Library Board for 16 years, 14 as Chair of the Board. This has taught me a lot about consensus. In addition, I led the fight to save the Owen Sound Marine and Rail Museum; I was founding President of the Community Waterfront Heritage Centre. This experience taught me a lot about community building. As a councillor for the past four years, I have worked effectively with staff, citizens and my fellow councillors to bring in the lowest tax increase and the highest new construction values in decades. As a longtime member of the Owen Sound Hospital Foundation Board, I also know the importance of working together to achieve a greater goal.


 Bill Twaddle
I have consistently shown that I do my homework, that I ask the tough questions, that I bring thoughtful and informed judgment to the issues that matter to you. You should expect no less.

I know that much of the work of city council occurs at the committee stage. I have never gone to a meeting of committee or council unprepared. I do the hours of reading and research that informed decision-making requires. I keep an open mind, I listen to others, most importantly to members of the community as major issues are considered. I understand that politics is the art of the possible. I might have the best idea in then world but if I cannot find at least four others who share my view my idea cannot progress.

During 17 years on city council I chaired many different boards and committees, including:

• the Board of Health during the Walkerton Water crisis in 2000, and now the local Source Water Protection Committee, charged with protecting your drinking water, that came out of the public inquiry into the Walkerton tragedy;
• Georgian Bay Energy during the transition from the PUC to the sale to Hydro One and the creation of the $16.3 million fund, the interest on which is currently paying the city's share of the capital costs of the regional recreation centre;
• the Operations Committee during the planning for the waste water treatment plant upgrade to secondary treatment and then the ad hoc committee which oversaw the detailed design, tendering and construction;
• the planning committee during two different official plan reviews and zoning bylaw updates;
• the environment and waste management advisory committee during the creation of the city's mandatory recycling bylaw (the first municipality in Ontario to have such a bylaw.)

As chair I have always encouraged full participation and discussion. I made sure everyone has an opportunity to speak, and only then work with members to find the consensus required to move forward.


Riel Warrilow
Over the last decade, I've held a number of jobs at different levels of government. I know what it takes to finish a project on a large scale, and what needs to be done to stay on a budget.


Jacquie Furtner
Before moving back to Owen Sound, I studied business at Humber college, received a BA from Wlifrid Laurier University and had the opportunity to study abroad, both in France and in Australia. I bring business experience, and experience from other cultures, and other ways of doing things. I believe I can bring broader ideas and concepts to the table to help lead our community.


 Denae Moores
City-building and consensus building start with being able to identify gaps or priorities, whose solution is in a common interest, and turning it into results. I learned this through my service with the United Way (Ottawa), Children's Foundation Grey Bruce, and as an active Rotarian. Much more is accomplished when we are working toward a shared goal.

But, not all experience is professional! Since a young girl I have always participated in team sports such as soccer, softball and hockey. You learn quickly how to function as part of team, and everyone finds their own style of leadership. For me, team sports and the encouragement I got from hard work, gave me the confidence to be an entrepreneur.


John Tamming
A key task of a councillor is to commission and analyze reports. As litigation counsel, I have been doing that for 30 years. I am a quick study and I know how to drill down for essential information. I ask questions for a living and that is not a simple skill set. I do not accept answers grounded in banalities such as "we have never done it that way" or "that sounds really controversial". Can this lead to consensus building? It is impossible to say without knowing the makeup of council. But I do have a lot of respect for our mayor and for not a few of the councillors. While collegiality should reign always, consensus can be over rated.






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