Margery Frisch, a local writer, has published her first novel – Caught Up – a story that takes place 35 kilometres off the coast of Maine. Having once taught in a one-room school house on a Maine island, Frisch has drawn from that experience to tell a story with the past and present juxtaposed against CaughtUp 2each other.

Sarah Jacobs, in an effort to write about her experience teaching on an island off the coast of Maine, returns there to get a feel for the place and its people. A violent incident takes place the day before she arrives – it involves three of her former students.

Suddenly she is caught up in the ongoing dispute over lobster fishing territories and the families who’ve been feuding for generations. Sarah’s writing takes a back seat; her self-esteem takes a tumble, and her life begins to unravel… as history repeats itself.

You can order a book from the author: [email protected] or from Volumes Direct

photo by Sophia Lemon