lookup-fullLook up Theatre presents an afternoon of entertainment when it brings The Roxy Theatre alive with a performance of Insect Circus, followed by the documentary film Every Story has a Twist about the life and times of Look Up's artistic director Angola Murdoch.
The Insect Circus is a creepy-crawly audience delight starring bugs, bees, spiders and more. Be amazed as you watch a caterpillar emerge from its suspended cocoon and flies swarm the spectators, in a most pleasant way. With honey bees buzzing around aerial hoop flowers and moths soaring in their silks, a spider carefully crafts her web and Monarch butterflies display their grace on aerial fabric. In amongst these aerial acts, the insects work together to build human pyramids and show off their hula hoop, poi and juggling skills.
All ages will enjoy this show.
Following intermission Look Up Theatre and The Roxy present a screening of Every Story Has a Twist, a documentary film about Angola Murdoch, an aerial artist who healed herself of scoliosis through performance art.
When Angola Murdoch was 11 years old, she was diagnosed with scoliosis (a curvature of the spine) and at the age of 13 had to undergo surgery for the condition in spite of wearing a body brace for two years to treat the condition. In most cases, people living with scoliosis have a limited amount of motion in their back due to the curvature of the spine or the surgical rods inserted to fuse the vertebrae. However, within a year of surgery, Angola surprised her doctors and teachers by getting back into gymnastics, which was her passion. Today, she lives half the year in a trailer on the Bruce Peninsula where she pursues a career as an aerial artist and teacher. In the film, she shares her story of scoliosis through her art form. This film was directed and produced by Bindu Shah.
Every Story Has a Twist reveals how art can not only help to heal the artist, but also act as a powerful tool to inform the audience about a serious topic without being didactic.
Lookup Theatre is a charitable not-for-profit company performing theatre, multi-media, circus and aerial arts for rural and urban communities in Ontario. It blends traditional techniques with modern technology to create professional, entertaining, and educational shows. Performances draw on real-life experiences to inspire audiences to live happier and healthier lives. Our mandate is two-fold: to produce professional circus shows and social circus work to engage and empower underserved youth through circus arts.
During the summer months, the Look Up Theatre troupe trains at The Roxy Theatre.

Date and venues Insect Circus :
The Roxy Theatre, Owen Sound - September 7 at 2PM www.roxytheatre.ca
For more information and sign up go to: www.lookuptheatre.com
SOURCE - Look Up Theatre