throw granny off a busYe Canna Throw Yer Granny Off A Bus! (Granny) by Sheatre is an entertaining audio drama with music paired with expert chats that explore aspects of elder abuse.

Elder Abuse -- it's hugely unreported -- and it has jumped dramatically under the shadow of Covid-19. Seniors are more isolated now; some live with their abusers. In addition, there’s a lack of knowledge of available supports.The Seniors Safety Line (Ontario) reports "an unprecedented number" of desperate calls during the pandemic. We can help to stop it.

Elder abuse needs to stop.
Communities need information on resources.
Seniors need to know that they are not alone.

“Granny” originated as a touring show that featured local senior community actors and musicians. It was meant to be on the road, playing to live audiences, using theatre and music to raise awareness of current elder abuse issues across our community. The pandemic put a stop to that approach – but didn’t stop Sheatre from bringing the show to you.

A show created by and for seniors gets renewed life by embracing new technology.

What’s different?

Now, it’s a podcast.

Think of it as a radio play with music. Over four different episodes, using audio dramas and expert chats, we explore different aspects of elder abuse. The story follows Fred and Doris as they reunite at a senior’s residence, and catch up on the latest news about old friends.

These stories, drawn from real life, reveal different kinds of abuse and demonstrate how resourceful Doris and others have been in resolving the troubles. As their relationship grows, Fred finds his voice… and confides a dark secret of his own.

Scenes of emotional, physical, spiritual, financial, mental abuse and neglect are lightened by endearing characters and lively music. Listen to them all at once or space out the episodes and choose your own listening experience – it’s up to you.

Ye Canna Throw Yer Granny Off A Bus! The Podcast dramatically illustrates different forms of elder abuse and directs people to local support services. Each episode features community service professionals who add their thoughts and commentary. The show connects elders-at-risk, those experiencing abuse and their social circles with information and resources to benefit them and the community-at-large. This issue is crucial in Grey Bruce where seniors comprise a higher percentage of the population than the Ontario average.

source: media release, Sheatre