wright-regBy Anne Finlay-Stewart

After being acclaimed as the city's county councillor in the past two elections, Arlene Wright says it is a very different feeling being elected by her community as Deputy Mayor. The position was only created by council in 2012, but it will return her to both the city council and Grey county council tables.

Wright had announced her retirement almost three years ago for personal reasons, and was briefly concerned she would not be complete her term, but those issues are resolved and she is eager to continue her public work.

Wright is disappointed there were so few women elected, as she believes women have a different perspective from men. "Women tend to be more compassionate, and they bring skills from running a home," she said. She credits some of that "homemaking style" for her success as a two-term Grey county warden. "Having a cookie jar - something set aside for a rainy day - that's a woman's style."

greig-regBy Anne Finlay-Stewart

Catching up with Scott Greig is not an easy thing. The marathoner and owner of The Runners Den in Downtown Owen Sound is an energetic man, and he is about to add the responsibilities of city councillor to his daily routines.

"I'll be listening before I speak of course", Greig said of being a new councillor. After orientation, he believes the council's first order of business will be to examine their commitments five-ten-fifteen years down the road in order to make appropriate decisions for today. Every capital grant comes with a need for operating funds, he cited as an example. "We need to create windows of opportunity and balance them with the commitments that come with these grants so we can select the best projects." He is looking forward to the energy and ideas of the new councillors, and working with them as a team.

fluoride-no-regBy Anne Finlay-Stewart

With 55.59% of the electors voting to retain the practice, Owen Sound will continue to fluoridate its public water supply.

Fluoridation began in the city in 1965, and a 1997 a plebiscite supported the practice with almost 60% of electors in favour. Earlier this year citizens were preparing a petition to ask for a second public vote on the subject when city council passed a by-law to put the question on the October municipal election ballot.

richard-regBy Anne Finlay-Stewart

Richard Thomas could feel the winds of change blowing even before the election campaign began, and tonight they blew him to the top of the polls. He says he is humbled by the results, and wants to thank those who supported him in this campaign.

The videographer has become something of a public hero over the past few years as he worked with community members to keep the Marine Rail Museum in its train station location on the west harbour. People have expressed their concern for the city's heritage, while recognizing that taxes and expenditures could not continue rising.


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