tap-fullThe City is advising residents and businesses that they may stop running their water effective immediately. The Water Department has determined the level of frost penetrating the ground has diminished to the point where we believe there is no longer a danger of the water services re-freezing.
Residents and businesses should continue to monitor their water flow. If pressure suddenly increases, it may be an indication that the lines have thawed. Please call the City at the number listed below and water staff will visit to ensure permanent service is restored and remove temporary hoses.
If you were asked to run water, or supply neighbours with water, your billing will reflect average historical usage during this time period, and will not include the extra water used
For residents that have been requested to boil their water, you are asked to continue to do so until further notice.
The City would like to thank all residents and businesses for your patience and understanding during this crisis.

source: media release, City of Owen Sound