signsThe City of Owen Sound’s By-law Enforcement Division has seen an increase in the posting of unauthorized signage. The City’s Sign By-law generally prohibits signs to be placed on City property. Signs located in the municipal boulevard or on utility poles, as well as signs that do not have a valid permit, are not permitted.

Recently, the City has been made aware of signs that have been placed on the corners of intersections advertising the purchase of homes for cash payment. The posted signs have been in a variety of colours, each one containing a different contact number. The known signs are white with black lettering, white with red lettering, and most recently bright yellow with black lettering.

By-law Enforcement is requesting that the public contact the By-law Enforcement Division if you witness these signs, or other unauthorized signage, being placed within City limits. Any information the public is able to provide would be greatly appreciated.

The City’s Sign By-law can be found on the City’s website. To apply for a sign permit, individuals are required to submit a complete application form, including plans/drawings, written authorization of the property owner, and payment of the permit fee.

Information regarding unauthorized signage can be provided by contacting the By-law Enforcement Division at 519-376-4440 ext. 1905 or emailing [email protected]

Individuals wishing to apply for a sign permit can contact the Building Division at 519-376-4440 ext. 1231 or emailing [email protected].

source: media release, City of Owen Sound