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At their meeting held on Monday, July 25 Owen Sound City Council  reviewed the 2023 Draft Multi-Year Capital Plan, which includes $11.4  million in funding next year to repair, replace, and enhance City roads, facilities, parks, and more. 

The 2023 Capital Plan includes more than 90 projects with $7.25 million,  or 64% of the total funding, dedicated to the City’s transportation network. Major projects include the reconstruction of Alpha Street from  6th Avenue to 9th Avenue West, and watermain replacement and road  resurfacing on 9th Ave East. 

Below are the Top 20 projects identified for 2023 (more details in the presentation by the Director of Corporate Services. Of these, only the Timber McArthur trail was removed from the list by motion of council.

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The City’s recreation, cultural, and administrative facilities will see $2.3  million in funding in 2023, with another $900,000 dedicated to parks and  green spaces.  

The five-year capital program captures proposed Capital projects through  to 2027,  identifying high-priority  projects and coordinating them with potential funding opportunities. 

Unfunded capital projects - that is, those which are "currently not recommended to move forward, purely due to lack of resources", in the words of the Director of Corporate Services, are listed below. She also said that the list is by no means exhaustive, and the costs are "heavily" estimated at this point.

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You can find the draft 2023 Capital Budget at  www.owensound.ca/budget. All budget meetings will be streamed online on the Council and Committee webpage. 

source: media release