The City of Owen Sound is pleased to launch 'Service Review 2016' – a proactive initiative to enhance our municipality.

We want to hear from you! Can we upgrade a service? Can our operations become more efficient? Can we save money? How can we establish Owen Sound as an enviable municipality?

Service Review 2016 will occur on the following schedule:

 Wednesday, March 30 and Thursday, March 31: City Council will hold day-long public meetings to review departmental operations and discuss possible system improvements. These meetings will produce a list of items Council wishes to explore.

 Friday, April 8 onwards: Based on the topics established by Council, citizens are encouraged to complete the Service Review cards and enter them in the suggestion boxes installed at city buildings.

 Monday, May 9: A Public Forum will occur at the Bayshore Arena. This open meeting will allow citizens tospeak with Council and Staff about Service Review topics.

 Friday, June 10: The results of the Public Forum and the Service Review cards will be reviewed by Council at a special meeting.

 Wednesday, August 10 and Thursday, August 11: City Council will make their final decisions at day-long public meetings.

 Wednesday, September 7: Council's decisions will be reviewed at a closing Public Forum on before implementation commences. The intention of this exercise is to ensure the City is operating in an effective capacity, and to determine if enhancements are possible for the benefit of our ratepayers.

The City has listened to our citizens and wants to ensure all operations are provided at the highest level of effectiveness and professionalism. You deserve no less.

Citizens wishing to submit their Service Review card electronically can do so either via Twitter (@CityOwenSound, #SR2016), Facebook (City of Owen Sound), or e-mail ([email protected]).

Additional information is provided at our website at:

Suggestion boxes will remain in place after Service Review 2016 has concluded, as a means to continue open dialogue throughout our community.


source: media release, City of Owen Sound