- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

One of the most-used transit stops in Owen Sound is on 1st Ave. West, across from the Library, by the cenotaph. Without a bus shelter, riders wait in the rain, or cold, or snow at the stop. Their only other option is to watch from inside the library hoping that the bus - which they won't be able to see until it turns the corner from 8th Street – will be stopping to let passengers off, and they will have time to run down the steps and dash across the street.

The following excerpts from the staff report to the City's Operations Committee demonstrate some of the challenges, compromises and staff work involved in something as "simple" as approving a single bus shelter.


  • The City is committed to improving the transit system and is in the multi-year process of upgrading bus stops to AODA (Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities) standards
  • The Public Transit Infrastructure Fund, in concert with Gas Tax Reserves, is providing $310,000 for bus stop improvements, to be completed before March 31, 2018.
  • In consultations with the 1st Vice-President of the Royal Canadian Legion Branch No. 6, it was clear that the Legion members understood the need for a shelter for the Library stop but preferred that it be located well north of the site or at the south end of the site so as not to interfere with Remembrance Day ceremonies."
  • The Legion is prepared to accept a location at the west end of the 8th Street bridge facing on to 8th Street West but there were concerns that the shelter may block access to the 8th Street bridge siphon manhole. Upon review, staff feel that the shelter could be taken down and moved in short order if it proved necessary to do so. This location would necessitate the removal of the box guardrail leading up to the bridge and the installation of a short section of guardrail behind the siphon manhole."
  • The Planning Division has reviewed the location and prefer the location of the shelter on the east side of the sidewalk as being less impactful on the views of the cenotaph and streetscape than a location on the boulevard.
  • A condition of the permit in either location would be that the shelter be transparent on all sides (not used for advertising)."


The Operations Committee has recommended the proposed 8th Street shelter but it will be sent to Council for discussion and requires their approval to go ahead.

The image is a photo-shop provided by City staff to help the Committee visualize the proposed shelter at the site.