Council Chambers

- by Hub staff

Every report that  comes to Owen Sound city council from city staff cites the strategic initiatives that inform the recommendations. These are from the City's 2015-2020 Strategic Plan.

In the case of the recommendation to initiate the process to consider selling property currently deemed park land, the strategic initiatives cited were the following:

4. Encourage residential and mixed-use development

10. Maximize revenue sources and funding opportunities.

14. Maintain, improve and promote the use of our local parks and trails.

The Strategic Plan 2015-2020, titled Making Our Vision Clear, was the result of a review process carried out over several months in 2015. As a community, we will be conducting a similar review this fall for the next five-year plan.

This was the Message from Mayor Boddy and City Council that introduced the current Strategic Plan.

"On behalf of all members of Council and staff, I am pleased to present the City of Owen Sound 2015 Strategic Plan, 2020 Making Our Vision Clear.

This Strategic Plan embodies the long-term vision and goals of Owen Sound’s residents. It is based on approximately 800 points of input from our community through public meetings, working sessions, comment cards and on-line surveys.

The Strategic Plan is a statement to the Owen Sound community of Council’s strategy for the future development of the City. It is evidence of Council’s commitment to have open communication, collaboration and cooperation among our community.

It is a reflection of the achievements of past Councils and provides a solid framework to build on those achievements. It sets a plan to establish measurable objectives to ensure we deliver.

We would like to extend a sincere thank you to all those people who participated in helping Council and staff develop the 2015 Strategic Plan. Through your valuable input, we are certain that the strategies developed reflect the community’s aspirations for Council’s role in the future of our City. We also thank Lura Consulting who led us through this collaborative process.

Please review this document, consider the strategic directions of our City’s local government for the future, and plan how you can help make this a better city for all. Together, we can make Owen Sound Where You Want To Live."