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nancy-leeNancy-Lee Rosamond filed her nomination papers in July to run for mayor in Owen Sound in October's election.

Soon after her partner Daniel was in an extremely serious life-altering accident and was hospitalized in Toronto where he has remained until this week. 

We received her answers...

hotel-no-vacancies-notice11. Owen Sound's low-income renters are experiencing close to the lowest apartment vacancy rates in Ontario. What can be done to increase the housing supply, especially for younger and low-income people? (Housing issues, it should be noted...

11. Owen Sound's low-income renters are experiencing close to the lowest apartment vacancy rates in Ontario. What can be done to increase the housing supply, especially for younger and low-income people? (Housing issues, it should be noted, are primarily addressed at the county level, so how can a local councillor have an impact?)




Ray Botten
No longer should we allow Grey County to think we will expect them to help us! This mentality is just passing the buck! We are more than able to increase our city in growth, economically, diversity and culturally than anyone could imagine! It is our leadership that will propel this "amalgamated county" into us Owen Sounders to be most envied!

We (Owen Sound) are the solution to enable housing and related issues to grow. We need not rely on Grey County any longer. We can grow with the municipality of Meaford alone! We will eventually amalgamate and be a diverse large green city with all its wonderful amenities. We must grow and the beginning is taking care of our needy and secondly our stimulus package! Each step will promote the other resulting into our expected end! PROSPEIRTY for ALL!!!


Ian Boddy
Housing at affordable prices is an important cornerstone of attracting needed labour to fill newly created jobs. We are installing services to open up more development-ready lands for various types of housing that will fulfill market demands of empty nesters downsizing from three and four bedroom houses as well as young families.

Provincial and Federal programs will be pursued by the County and by public and private developers to get more affordable housing. The City's Community Improvement Plan offers incentives of interest free loans to developers who are building affordable housing. Our Council adopted a policy that will permanently waive development charges on affordable housing and Habitat for Humanity builds. We will look at all options available during the five-year update of the Official Plan during this council term.




Paul Patille
Not answered.


Brian O'Leary
The 91 new residential units in 2017 is positive. The 2015 Development Charges bylaw provides exemptions for non-profit housing. There are 38 new units in Odawa, and the city has supported this development. As a member of Grey County, the city works to address short and long term housing needs for people with low income.

In 2017 the growth experienced in Owen Sound resulted in over $400,000.00 in tax revenue, and the changes in our tax policy has had favourable impact on both industrial and multi residential properties. There is, most certainly, more to do. I will push at the County level to continue to provide low income families with affordable, good quality housing.




Denae Moores
Amend municipal by-laws to allow Tiny homes, look at Detroit as an example.


John Tamming
Encourage the County of Grey to spend large and monies on one or two projects in Owen Sound rather than disperse smaller funds with imperceptible effect over the county at large. Given our limited influence at the county level, we should not hold our breath.


Marion Koepke
Grey County has been working endlessly on development of more affordable housing in Owen Sound as well as other municipalities in Grey County. Locally however, we as Council can encourage developers to include affordable housing in their new or redevelopment projects.


Gail McCartney
As a landlord and a Realtor this is an issue I see up close and personal. There exists several very good programs such as the free down payment initiative from the county and Habitat for Humanity. These programs can only help a few but I know the people that administer these programs are a wealth of information and ideas.

I have an obvious bias towards home ownership as I believe it is good for communities to thrive but decent, affordable rentals is also key and I have personal experience with low income seniors in despair over lack of suitable rental space. This is the kind of development I think it would be appropriate for the City to offer incentives for.


Travis Dodd
Currently in our Community Improvement Plan we have a program that is available for affordable housing developments that is available for developers. Other ideas include earmarking pieces of surplus land to be used in connection with affordable or market controlled housing. I would support looking into our planning policies to include zoning that promotes a variety of housing types and styles by lowering our minimum sq. footage requirement.


Brock Hamley
The issue goes beyond the county. We need to work with our partners at the Federal and Provincial levels where significant funding comes from Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation and the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing respectively, in addition to the County.


Steven Hencze
Rents are higher because the cost of buying these properties has risen so much ... landlords are covering way more expenses ... you can't run an investment in the red .. we need help .. incentives should be given big time to investors who want to build nice rentals / co ops ... etc


Richard Thomas
Housing costs are an issue county-wide, and in 2016 Grey County implemented a 10-year housing and homelessness plan which will be reviewed this fall. The county spends more than $1 million dollars annually on its various housing programs (a significant portion of that comes from Owen Sound through taxation).

The City supports the Owen Sound Housing Company and the Owen Sound Municipal Non-Profit Housing Corporation, which own almost 300 units in the City. Another 60 are to be built during the next couple of years. Non-profit housing is excluded from paying development charges in Owen Sound.

The development charge holiday for residential construction is having a positive impact on the housing market in Owen Sound. While I understand much of the construction has been market value housing, I'd like to point out that the Owen Sound Housing Company has been building new units. We also know that in one development proposal for the Sydenham Heights area (across from the hospital) two 50-unit apartment buildings are proposed. As more developers learn and understand our market, I think we'll see more construction aimed at suiting the needs of the community.


Bill Twaddle
We must continue to encourage the county, the province and the federal government, to continue and expand their support of affordable housing.

At the local level the CIP includes a provision to encourage private development of affordable housing. This must be part of the review and enhancement of the program.


Riel Warrilow
As someone who was living in a downtown apartment up until very recently, I am very familiar with this issue. Consultation and a willingness to work with stakeholders is how we will improve the housing situation.


Jacquie Furtner
I would like to see what policies we already have in place for development of new housing as well as renovations of older housing. Can we implement by-laws that designate a certain percentage of the units being built or renovated to be low-income housing? Mixed income housing has been proven to be a successful model. Integration is the best option.


Carol Merton
City Council can support policies which encourage investment in safe homes and neighbourhoods by:
• Making affordable housing a priority with the goal of costing no more than 30% of the household income.
• Implementing property standards and bylaws that are enforced equally and proactively
• Ensuring development reflects a variety of housing types and income levels.
• Supporting programs which help homeowners maintain, repair and retrofit existing units.
• Supporting organizations like Habitat for Humanity in their efforts to build affordable housing.


marion koepkeHello, my name is Marion Koepke and I have been proud to serve the citizens of Owen Sound for the past 4 years as a municipal Councillor. I am speaking to you today seeking re-election and your support for a further 4-year term.

My commitment to you is making Owen Sound the best place to live, work and play. We need to focus on what we have to offer in Owen Sound and continue to...

questionsA grass roots group of Owen Sound twenty-somethings have extended the deadline for local youth to submit questions for municipal candidates. The group is called 'Youth Ask' and received a grant from the Laidlaw Foundation to pose questions to all Owen Sound municipal candidates on behalf of local youth, film their responses, and post the amalgamated videos. The same group...


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