Owen Sound Election 2018


harbour2The Owen Sound harbour has been the centre of our life as long as humans have lived here.  The state of result of the harbour resulting from industrial activity is the subject of question number 7. (Full list of questions with links to answers is here.)


7. Because the Owen Sound waterfront has not been designated...

moneybag- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

Does it matter who pays for the election campaigns of municipal candidates?
Election campaigns cost money; literature, signs and advertising make a difference. Some municipal candidates  take contributions from supporters who want to see them elected.

We won't know who...

mailboxesA Voter Letter is required to vote in the upcoming Municipal Election and they have now been mailed.

Voter Letters include instructions on how to vote, voter credentials (Voter ID and PIN) and a list of candidates. Voters who do not receive a Voter Letter by...

helpwantedThe area that includes Grey and Bruce Counties continues to have some of the lowest unemployment numbers in the province, according to the Four County Market Planning Board.

Nevertheless, jobs are on the mind...

empty2While this question is not specifically about downtown, it is another facet of yesterday's question on the vitality of our central business district.

5. Owen Sound gives owners of retail/business properties a 30% tax rebate for...


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