Owen Sound Election 2018


emptyThe group of Owen Sound residents who issued the 12 Question challenge to our municipal candidates has turned its attention to our downtown.

4. Our city's downtown retail core is...

familyThere are so many things I love about being an Owen Sounder; I love taking my daughter to the Farmer's Market every Saturday morning. I love that I can hike or walk or cycle pretty much anywhere and be surrounded by amazing nature. I love that...

foodforest- by Anne Finlay-Stewart, Editor

Now that the candidates have provided their broad strokes, the residents' questions have driven deeper into local concerns.

3. Given that Owen Sound is known for high property taxes, how important is it to hold the line?
Can we address...

legobuildingAs requested, the Owen Sound Hub is publishing the participating municipal candidates' answers to a series of questions posed by local residents.


Yesterday, we published Question 1 -

owensoundvotesIn order to vote in the upcoming Municipal Election, you need to be on the Voters' List. Visit the Election Website at www.owensoundvotes.ca or the Clerk's Office to check if you are on the...


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