Owen Sound Election 2018



- by Denae Moores

I was born and raised in Owen Sound, where my family still currently resides. I attended university in Sudbury, then  began my Nursing career in a Trauma center in Ottawa. I wanted to move back home to be closer to family but wanted to come back with a purpose. I identified a gap within our current home-care industry and opened Nurse Next Door Georgian Bay in 2016.

I am a proud member of the Owen Sound Rotary Club, past board member of Bruce Grey Children’s Foundation, past Events Director of Carleton Homeowners Association and past President United Way - Ottawa Chapter.

I am active in sports such as baseball, soccer and hockey. This will be my third year playing in the Easter Seals Celebrity Hockey Classics and was the first woman to ever play in the All-Star game last year.

I am a proud part of our city.

Why am I running?
I am running because this city is my home and we are currently facing challenges with important changes ahead of us, while we seem to still struggle with changes that are long overdue. Owen Sound is too important to me both personally and professionally to not seek to make positive impact on our future. As a Rotarian and an active participant on various committees, I bring thoughtful, attentive and an open approach to understanding the problems we are addressing and the decisions we need to make. I’ve learned that the best actions are taken when you can properly assess an issue, consider other approaches, share experience and learn from others before acting. I want to be part of a council that functions like this and offers legitimate oversight and accountability on important decisions and large projects. I want to be part of a council that is accountable, transparent and can usher in change in a decisive way.

My Top 3:

Oversight of larger projects with strongest consideration to timelines, value-for-money and accountability is important to me. It seems too often significant projects fall behind, face delay due to preventable delays and fail to meet their targets. I am worried that when one project in goes offline, it effects other priorities. The community should have the confidence that the changes anticipated don’t fall victim to past practices.

Increasing Industry:
When approving industry we need to look at the future, not just the next four years, and where we want to be 10-20 years from now. We need to be more competitive in the region, and no longer being outpaced by our municipal neighbours. Let’s be forward thinking. Everyone talks about development, but what does smart development look like? What are the trends and let’s get that here. As an example, we have a highly underutilized college campus, that has the capacity to offer university programs. Could this help draw young people to our area, give surety to academic professionals? If it’s a partnership that makes sense, we need to figure that out and take action.

Retention of Small Businesses, Small Families and Medical Doctors:
Increasing our population is a good notion, however the population has increased very little since I was in diapers. So who do we want to attract to the city and increase the population base? We already know that a strong health human resources community is important to our residents. We have a college that contributes to this, and we work hard to recruit new physicians. But I personally know of physicians that have left our city once their one year contract was completed. We have an obligation to retain the professionals we bring to Owen Sound. Establishing a Community Integration Program will help us ensure retention of these young, small families and medical physicians. If we are known for great specialists in our city, people will come.
As a young entrepreneur who returned home and opened my own company, there was nothing to ensure my success. A mentorship for new businesses in the area would be hugely beneficial in the retention of new small businesses.

Hot Topics?
Legal Cannabis:
It makes good business sense to allow legalized cannabis into our city. This will allow for more jobs, helps establish an industry that is expected to continue to grow and help fill some of our empty storefronts. As a Nurse I have seen the positive effects cannabis can have on illness and disease processes. We get one shot to opt in. We have already approved a facility in our city, so do we want one piece of the economic pie and forget about the rest or do we want the rest of the economic pie? Food for thought.

Taxes/Service Cuts:
We must hold the line when it comes to taxes. It cannot be our default when a deficit is incurred as a result of poor planning processes on major projects. Cutting essential services is also not the answer. I want to be an action oriented councillor on these issues however, we need to be patient and see how the provincial government cutbacks will impact our community first. I don’t want to make promises I cannot keep. As a homeowner, business owner, I am not in favour of further increasing taxes.

We can watch council, read meeting minutes but the obligation should fall on our elected candidates to be transparent and accountable which leads to better civic engagement.
I want to be part of a council that can demonstrate that we have thought about sequencing, that we have reached out the community to understand their values and be accountable for the timing and cost of projects. I want to be part of a council that is willing to take a new approach to resolving familiar problems.
Action- oriented, integrity, accountability and transparency is what you can expect from me as your councillor. I ask for your support.


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