On a cold, dark November night in 1936, the motorship called The Hibou sank in the frigid waters of Georgian Bay - just 3 miles from my hometown. There had been a crew of 17 on board. Only 10 survived.

hiboudanThe two survivors pictured here are my Uncles Dan (left) and Ernie (right). Ernie was the younger brother - only 17hibouernie years old. It was his first trip working as a deck hand. Ernie couldn’t swim. He was saved by his older brother, Dan.

My father was only 14 and still at home when this happened. A short time later, he wrote a wonderful poem about the incident that was featured in our local newspaper. It is now displayed at the Marine and Rail Museum in the town - I wish I had a copy.

A very kind man sent me a book his aunt had put together from all of the newspaper clippings about the tragedy. I’ve been picking up the book and reading the articles over the past few days. It was a pretty big story at the time and the town eventually dedicated a little park on the nearest shore to where the ship went down, in honor of those lost.

 Kimberley Fenton, Raleigh, NC

Video about the Hibou, by Richard Thomas