Yes, I'm sounding off! 

 It happens that I find myself one of those on the outside of our current social intercourse who refuses to have anything to do with Facebook or Twitter. Enough that I'm addicted to Google - and exploring ways to get clean! 

Last night a friend e mailed me notice of our local shut down. 

 I immediately went to the public health website - nothing.  Then to The Hub - nothing.  Finally after a few more futile attempts, confirmation on Owen Sound Sun Times site.

Today, coming home from a grocery top-up, I passed by the Bayshore, where a long line of umbrella holding folks stretched from the front around to the back of the building.  The only possible explanation being a vaccine clinic, I wondered how all these people knew something I didn't,  although I check local news media daily.  A search of the usual - as above-  showed nothing. 

I've had my vaccine, but if I hadn't this may have been important to know.  What am I missing, besides Facebook?  Is there any hope for someone like me? 

Jean Koroway, Annan