Re: Government money isn't keeping people home

The restaurant industry seems to have been the hardest hit, and being that I still work in it and have for the past 43 years, I can tell you first hand what has happened.

When CERB was first made available quite a few people I know took part of that money and went back to school to retrain for another career all together. Good for them.

Some took advantage of the free tuition offered by the province to train as a PSW.

Some were forced to take jobs in other fields that weren't hit with the open and closed uncertainty put on the restaurants by covid.

Corporate chains are stealing employees from smaller independent restaurants by offering 2,3 or 4 dollars more an hour and other perks, and guaranteed,  those people will be the first ones laid off when the employers finds people who will work for minimum wage again once the slow season hits.

I could go on, but rest assured people aren't sitting at home living the good life on the two remaining supports for workers, because it just doesn't pay enough or is that easily accessible. Both are based on actually being employed.

These people are working. Just not in restaurants anymore.

Rob Leonard