Dear Editor;

Last week I received a license sticker rebate cheque of $200.00. My first thought was to send the cheque back uncashed.Instead I decided to cash the cheque and donate the money to a charity. There are many worthwhile charities that can always use more cash and I am not going to promote any one charity.

I am not a rich person but I have never been hungry and I have always had a comfortable place to live. I did not need this rebate cheque and I know that a lot of other recipients are in the same position as I am. Just this morning, I heard that other people are also donating their rebate cheques to charities.Yes, too many people are living paycheck to paycheck and this money will help them minimally but it won’t solve their financial problems.

This rebate is a ploy using taxpayer money to buy votes in the upcoming election.Does Mr. Ford believe that he can buy votes this way?

I don’t know how much money just went out in rebate cheques but to me it is a lot of money. I believe that this money would have been better spent on health care,education or the homeless problem to name just a few better options.

I have challenged Mr. Ford and our MPP Bill Walker to donate their rebates to a charity.I also challenge anyone that can afford it to donate their rebate cheque to a charity.

If you do donate your rebate please send a letter or an email to Premier Ford.

David Walton, Owen Sound