Dear Mayor and Council Members,

I hope you are all forwarded my letter as it is something that should be of concern to the whole Council as it exists in all parts of our community. It is the middle of the afternoon and I am watching my "new neighbour" as he labours to make his beautiful riverfront property into more of a party haven for up to 16 guests per night!

I could elaborate on all the annoyances and aggravations I will (and have) experienced.

These new Air B and B's that are opening up in our quiet residential areas feels like a ZONING CHANGE.

These are people accessing a commercial income in residential areas. When zoning changes occur, at least neighbours that will be affected have an opportunity to have a say about their concerns (or their support). This is not fair to all of us who have a right to a quiet neighbourhood and have actually chosen to purchase our homes because there were no "business permits" allowed.

I don't want to belabour how upsetting this is to all of us as we struggle to deal with these disruptions...and also could this have happened?

I would ask that Owen Sound develop a Policy with consultation to other municipalities that are (or have already)dealt with integrating these commercial ventures into residential neighbourhoods. Collingwood has created a policy and I understand Muskoka is working on a solution. I might suggest either only long term rentals (one month or longer), limiting the number of guests (Four...NOT Sixteen!!) or some other form of controlling the disruption created when people come up for a holiday in the midst of a working neighbourhood community.

Thank you for listening and I look forward to your response

Linda Montgomery, Owen Sound

NOTE: A notice of motion was given at Council:

(image from AirBnB listing for this property)