Dear Editor:

I would like to address comments by Ms Montgomery regarding Airbnb rentals.

She expresses concern that “These are people accessing a commercial income in residential areas.” She mentions “business” a number of times; “we struggle to deal with these disruptions”; and “accessing a commercial income in residential areas” as reasons for her concerns.

Well, what is the difference between the Airbnb use and a person who owns a house, whether be it a single family or multi-unit, converted house that is rented out? Both types of properties are, in fact, “businesses” and the profit motive is the bottom-line.

And, having lived in an area of town that is about 40% rentals, boisterous and exuberant activity is not limited to people who come as visitors. So much of the city is “residential” and includes properties that are rented out and are, in fact, operated as businesses.

The writer uses a number of terms that seem to suggest a theme of protecting just certain areas of the city; “beautiful riverfront property “, “our quiet residential areas”, “quiet neighbourhood”, and “in the midst of a working neighbourhood community”.

David Clark
Independent Researcher and Statistician
Member of the Canadian Economics Association
Owen Sound