David-Adair-featureI submitted my papers for the office of Deputy Mayor of Owen Sound. Much of the Deputy Mayor's job will be representing the City at Grey County. With over a decade of City Council experience I feel I am in an ideal position to represent the best interests of the City at Grey County. I know and have worked with many councillors throughout Grey County.
The City and the County need to take a more regional approach to many issues. This includes development, the Harbour, and expansion of Georgian College. These are regional issues that the County needs to be involved with. The County commitment to support the Regional Hospital Campaign is a good example of this.
The present governance mode of the County is from the 19th Century and it is struggling to deal with 21 Century problems. The revolving election of County Warden during the 4 year term is one example of this. It presents problems of consistency, leadership and vision.
I want to see High speed broadband internet connection in Owen Sound. It is tremendously important to our economic growth. The County needs to move on this as quickly as possible or we will all be left behind.
Economic development and tourism are two areas where regional cooperation has started but more needs to be done. Not just within Grey, but between Grey and Bruce. Does there need to be two separate ambulance services, two housing authorities, two economic development and tourism departments, and two social service departments?
I have worked with many different councillors and administrations over the years and know this experience will be a great asset as your representative on Grey County Council. Only by working with everyone and sharing ideas will we be able to address the many issues and opportunities that will benefit of all our ratepayers.
The next City Council will face major issues, not the least of which is infrastructure funding. Over the next four years City Council will face a $12 to $13 million spending deficient on such basic services such as roads, sewers, building maintenance, parks, sidewalks, etc. I have vision, compassion, and experience to make the right long term decisions for our community
I am up for the many challenges ahead; both at the County and for the City and trust that people will support me in my bid for Deputy Mayor,
David Adair: 519-371-5847
[email protected]
First elected to council in 1997, Adair is presently Chair of the By-Law Committee, Vice-Chair Library Board, member Financial Advisory Committee, Cultural Advisory Comm., Recreation and Parks Advisory Comm. Has served on the Police Service Board, Accessibility Comm., and Non-Profit Housing.