(In response to MP Larry Miller's October 24 Op-Ed)

Dear Mr. Miller

Since your letter suggests that you seem to be totally unaware, you might benefit from knowing that on October 7, 1763, King George III signed a document that proclaimed into law the absolute "Protection" of the land rights, independence and sovereignty of Indigenous Nations.

The benefit of hindsight since that point in time has made it clear that the Crown has NEVER enforced or respected that law, has NEVER shown so much as an honourable intention to do as much, but instead has spent untold millions of dollars look ing for every excuse to extinguish, weaken, and avoid implementing this law altogether.

Despite all the powers and resources of the state, all of it stolen from Indigenous lands, the Crown has (thus far) utterly failed in its attempt to fully avoid the law. The reason for this failure is not a lack of creativity, but the determination of Indigenous Peoples to resist every effort of the Crown to destroy their lives, laws, languages, cultures and, yes, even the lands that settlers themselves depend on.

Your appeal for the "protection" and certainty "for those who have been hunting, fishing, trapping, visiting cottages, and living on this land for years" is laudable. Maybe you could use your position to ask the Crown to finally start applying the rule of law and extending its promises of protection to ALL peoples equally.

Sincerely, your constituent,

Chris Albinati