Dear Editor:

RE: "Conservative MP: Donald Trump does not have an 'anti-woman thing'", PRESSPROGRESS, November 17, 2016

MP Larry Miller has once again demonstrated how crude and unsophisticated he is and why he is unfit to represent Owen Sound-Bruce-Grey in the Government of Canada. Those who reported or decried Trump's recorded and reported misogynistic slurs against women, and abusive treatment of women, extending back many years are not whining and snivelling as Miller asserts. They are rightly expressing their outrage at someone who clearly has had, and still has, little respect for women. Sadly, Mr. Miller seems unable to recognize that Mr. Trump's treatment of women is effectively "anti-woman." This makes him subject to the same anti-woman allegations. That millions of people are holding Mr. Trump responsible for his speech and behaviour can not be dismissed as baloney as Mr. Miller tries to do. The only baloney in play here is the baloney Mr. Miller is full of.

Gary Kenny

ustadt, ON