I know a person who is a contributor to the Federal Conservative party who was and still is a loyal Progressive Conservative supporter. However, he has over the last few months become, in his own words "a disgruntled Federal Conservative". He said "the Harper government has strayed from the basic principles of the old Federal Progressive Conservative Party." "I am thoroughly disenchanted with the Harper Conservatives, especially with their constant use of American political tactics, the unending scandals and their use of attack ads in which half truths, and innuendo are rampant."

He shared an email with me that he received from Fred DeLorey Director of Political Operations Conservative Party of Canada, sent to him on September 10, 2014 to solicit funds for the party. Quoting from this Conservative email it said, in part, "Canada's Liberal elite are lining up behind the Liberals and NDP. They want to go back to abusing tax dollars for their own personal benefit. Back to the days of brown envelopes and funnelling government money to their friends." Are they talking about Liberals here or themselves? The most scandalous case of brown envelopes in recent Canada's political history would be Brian Mulroney and KarlHeinz Schreiber. Then we have Tony Clement and his fake lake and his infamous gazebo. How about Mike Duffy, Pamela Wallin and Patrick Brazeau all disgraced Conservative Senators as people who have abused Canadian tax dollars for their own personal benefit? Let us not forget Dean Del Mastro and Michael Sona both charged with election fraud and in the case of Sona, he has been found guilty and awaits sentencing.

To quote from the Conservative fundraising email once more, "Our vision for Canada needs to prevail." If the few above examples of Conservatives and their corrupt actions are any indication for their vision for Canada then we had all better worry.

Change is coming to Canada's political scene. Mulroney sees it coming and has stated so publically, that people of Canada want a change. For 17 months the Liberals with Justin Trudeau at its head have led in the polls. It would appear that it will be a Liberal minority government next time and if the polls keep inching up as they are it will be a Liberal majority government.

Voters in Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound should think very hard before they cast their ballots. With a Liberal minority or majority do you really want a Conservative to represent you for the next four years who will not have any likelihood of accomplishing anything meaningful? A Conservative MP would become an ineffectual lame duck under a Liberal government. Or would you prefer a Liberal MP, one whose voice will be listened to by the new Liberal government. The choice will be yours, four years of inaction or four years of hope and accomplishments. Bruce-Grey-Own Sound cannot say stagnant for that length of time. It has been that way far too long already.

"You won't recognize Canada when I'm through with it." - Stephen Harper, 2006

Truer words have never been spoken.

Richard Hutchison
Georgian Bluffs